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Prevent Rust from Damaging Your Equipment


Metal Defense Rust Prevention Spray is a high-quality product, which is easy to use and can provide long-lasting protection.

Prevention is always better than cure. This is particularly true when it comes to rust, which can cause significant damage to metal equipment, tools, and other valuables over time. Fortunately, there is a solution that can help you protect your valuable possessions from the harmful effects of corrosion.

What is Metal Defense Anti-Rust Spray?

Metal Defense Rust Prevention Spray is a specially designed product, which helps protect metal surfaces from rust and corrosion. Its unique formula displaces water, neutralizes the oils from fingerprints, and has low interfacial tension for maximum wettability, which provides superior coverage and better rust prevention.

Originally designed for use in police departments to protect firearms while stored in squad cars and arsenal safes, it is now available for anyone who wants to protect their metal equipment from rust.

Prevent Tools Rust

Prevent Tools Rust

Whether you need to preserve your equipment, spare parts, or keep your work tools in top shape, Metal Defense Rust Preventative Spray is the clear choice for expert rust prevention.

Fishing Gear
Rust Prevention

Fishing Gear
Rust Prevention

At Metal Defense, we understand the value of high-quality protection, and we're proud to offer a product that delivers results, and peace of mind, every time.

Spare Automobile
Part Rust Prevention

Spare Automobile
Part Rust Prevention

As an automotive enthusiast, protecting your spare performance parts from rust and corrosion is crucial. Our spray will ensure that your spare parts remain in pristine working condition for as long as possible.

Rust Prevention

Rust Prevention

Protect your firearms from rust with Metal Defense Preventative Spray. Whether your gun is in storage or being transported, our trusted spray will help prevent corrosion keeping your firearm in the best working condition.


Easy to Use

Apply a light spray on all metal surfaces, both internal and external. There is no need to wipe off excess spray since the non-oily coating dries in minutes and stays dry to the touch.


Long-lasting Protection

Thanks to the dry-to-the-touch formula, Metal Defense is a convenient way to protect your valuable equipment against rust.


Convenient Packaging

Whether you need to protect your fishing equipment, yard tools, work tools, or any other metal equipment, Metal Defense is available in a convenient 4oz spray bottle.

You can trust Metal Defense to protect and maintain all metal surfaces and prevent rust from the inside out. Our anti-corrosion formula has superior benefits, including:

  • Safe for all finishes and surfaces
  • Has water-displacing properties
  • Neutralizes fingerprints
  • Won’t impact functionality of tools and gear
  • Doesn’t leave any messy residues
  • Won’t compromise grip

The Most Trusted Rust
Inhibitor on the Market

Whether you’re passionate about cars, motorcycles, or keeping your tools and winter equipment protected from the elements, Metal Defense Anti-Rust Spray is the best solution on the market. If you’d like to learn more or order your supply today, we invite you to contact us.

Metal Defense is distributed by Arms Preservation, Inc. in Fairport, NY, and can be reached by calling (800) 262-2832 or sending an email through their secure contact form.

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